Wellness Funds

Wellness Funds

SUSPENDED until further notice

Please note that, as of April 2018, the following benefits are available to members who have completed one full year of service to the College.

Health Clinic Reimbursement

An agreement between the ADP and the Coordinator of Student Services allows us to reimburse professionals a portion of the fees they pay for services provided by the Dawson College Health Clinic, which includes the Athletic Therapy clinic and the Physiotherapy Technology program. Under this agreement, the ADP will reimburse 40% of the cost of each therapeutic session, up to a maximum of $100 per year (June to May). This benefit is available to all members, and may be claimed in addition to any amounts covered independently by the SSQ insurance plan.

This agreement is valid for one year and will then be evaluated. Student Services and the ADP reserve the right to cancel this agreement.

To claim a reimbursement, please complete the form (either in print or online) and attach copies (or scans) of all of your receipts. Print requests should be sent to Claire Elliott in 6D.03-1.
Reimbursements will be issued prior to the last day of classes, during the Fall/Winter semesters.

PARC Services & Facilities

In addition to the above services, the ADP will reimburse the membership fees of any professional who registers to use PARC services and facilities. To register, go to room 1H.4 and be sure to obtain a receipt for your payment.

After you have registered, please complete the PARC registration/reimbursement form, and upload a PDF, scan, or picture of your receipt, verifying your registration for the selected year and academic session. (Optional)

If you have registered and paid online, please forward any emailed confirmation of payment to Claire Elliott at celliott@dawsoncollege.qc.ca.
The deadline to submit PARC receipts for reimbursement will fall on the fourth (4th) Friday following the start of classes, in the Fall/Winter terms. Reimbursements will be issued within four (4) weeks of this deadline.