Professional Development

Professional Development

All members of the ADP have access to Professional Development funds from the College.

Dawson College Professional Development Fund

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Application Form for Professional Development Funds – Professionals

Dawson College offers each professional up to $700 a year in funding, to support their professional development. These funds may be used towards:
  • registration & tuition fees for credit courses;
  • workshop or conference fees and related expenses;
  • membership fees to professional associations; or
  • the purchase of computers, computer peripherals and mobile devices (once every five years).
These funds are administered by a Professional Development Committee (PDC) composed of one (1) representative from Human Resources, one (1) manager and two (2) professionals. The two professionals who currently serve on this committee are Lisa Courte and Irene Kakoulakis. Claire Elliott serves as an ex-officio member and alternate.

Professional Development – Professionals – Policy and Procedures (November 2016)
Please note that completed application forms should be submitted to Human Resources for approval, and that all applications must be submitted 30 days in advance of the activity or purchase.

Applications should be submitted to