Athletic Therapy

The ADP and the Coordinator of Student Services have reached an agreement that will allow the ADP to reimburse professionals a portion of the fee they have paid to the Dawson Athletic Therapy office.

Many professionals are partially covered for Athletic Therapy Services through the SSQ insurance plan. Therefore, the ADP agrees to pay $20 per visit per professional, up to a maximum of $100 per academic year, whether the professional is covered by insurance or not.

In order to receive this reimbursement, follow these steps:

  • Once you have had your Athletic Therapy treatment, you must pay the therapist as you would normally do. The therapist will give you a receipt for insurance. Make a copy of this receipt before sending it to the insurance company, if covered.
  • Fill in the form below. Forward both form and copy of the receipt to the ADP, c/o Kelly Ann Morel, room 2D2 or by email. The ADP will then issue you a cheque according to the information stated above. (If you know you will have 2 or more treatments, it would be appreciated if several receipts were sent in at once to reduce the number of cheques which will have to be written.)

This agreement is valid for one year and will then be evaluated. Student Services and the ADP reserve the right to cancel this agreement.


ADP reimbursement of Athletic Therapy fees Form

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