Representatives on College Bodies

Board of Governors

The Board of Governors is the College’s decision-making body. The Board exercises the rights and powers of the College in accordance with the General and Vocational Colleges Act, the Regulations adopted thereunder, and the Mission Statement of the College. The Board of Governors is composed of 19 members, including one professional. The professional is elected by the ADP members for a three-year term, which can be renewed once. The Board meets six times per year.

The ADP’s representative on the Board of Governors is:

Azra Khan
(514) 931-8731 ext. 1409



Senate is the College’s consultative body on academic matters. Its main role is to advise the Board of Governors on any matter concerning the programs of studies dispensed by the College and the evaluation of learning achievement, including the procedures for the certification of studies. Senate is composed of 35 members, three of whom are professionals who are elected by the ADP membership. There is no limit to the number of years a professional may serve on Senate. Senate meets at least 10 times per year.

The three ADP representatives on Senate are:

Kelly Ann Morel
(514) 931-8731 ext. 1125

Olivier Forgues
(514) 931-8731 ext. 3228 / 1351

Jane Valihora
(514) 931-8731 ext. 1141


Budget Consultation Committee

The Budget Consultation Committee is chaired by the Director General and meets once or twice per year, usually in the winter semester. At these meetings, the Director General asks for feedback on draft budgets and the staffing plan for the upcoming academic year.

The ADP representative on this committee is:

Rashmini Segarajasinghe-Ernest
(514) 931-8731 ext. 1742


Committee to Stem Violence, Discrimination, Harassment and Abuse of Power

The Committee to Stem Violence, Discrimination, Harassment and the Abuse of Power is responsible for publicizing the Policy to Stem Violence, Discrimination, Harassment and Abuse of Power, providing active education for the community and making recommendations on changes to this policy as well as to related policies and to existing practices. The members of the Committee do not play an active role in the investigation and decision-making process related to complaints filed under this policy, unless they are serving in the role of a confidant.

The ADP representative on this committee is:

Claire Elliott
(514) 931-8731 ext. 1736


Health and Safety Committee

The role of the Health and Safety Committee is to promote the welfare of all members of the College community. Consequently, the Committee addresses all questions, concerns and complaints relating to health and safety that are directed to its attention.

The ADP representatives on this committee are:

Conner Morgan
(514) 931-8731 ext. 1746


Donations Committee

Vets & decides the fate of requests for donations from the ADP e.g golf tournament, Staff dinner. Meets electronically.

The ADP representatives on this committee is:

Kelly Ann Morel



No meeting involved. Keep up to date on developments in this dossier in order to keep membership informed



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